Monster Of The Week: A Supernatural Podcast


About Monster Of The Week: A Supernatural Podcast

Monster of the Week is a creepy (but necessary) podcast covering the TV show Supernatural. Chris and Jeremy take a light hearted look at the show that is so dearly loved by so many, so you'll get a mix of "did they really need to show all that nipple action?" along with our detailed discussion about Dean or Sam's emotional issues on any given episode. Shipping people, exaggerating things, the fandom business.

Monster of the Week has a Patreon, where we release episodes early as well as exclusive content for our Patrons. If you'd like to sample some of that content, we have a website setup where you can stream or download some of that. Maybe you want to try some of our Supernatural commentary, and watch some of the early SPN episodes along with Chris and Jeremy? That's this link. Maybe you prefer to talk about the Witcher books? Or how about Cowboy Bebop? Hopefully this will convince you to support us making more shows.

A lot of Monster of the Week's artwork was done by Nid, and you can find more of it here.

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