Episode 51

Cursed Episode


December 14th, 2017

2 hrs 18 mins 9 secs

Season 6

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Hello listeners. It's me, your friend and Supernatural buddy, Jeremy. I'm here to write the shownotes to this episode. People on our Patreon may have noticed there wasn't an early release this week, and that's because this episode was cursed. Haunted, even.


Anyway, this week we're talking about S06E07, Family Matters, in which we finally learn What's the Deal With Sam. WOOOO. Then we take on S06E08, All Dogs Go to Heaven, where we meet a super creepy dog and Sam tries to deal with his...handicap. WE LOVE THIS SHOW AND YOU SHOULD TOO!

It's 10pm and I'm gonna go to bed!

UPDATE: that Patreon thing I mention at the end of this episode? They reversed their decision the day after we recorded, which was the day before this was released. So not enough time to change the actual episode. But: yay! Complaining works!

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