Episode 48

Djinn and Djuice, ft DJ Sam


November 23rd, 2017

2 hrs 9 mins 37 secs

Season 6

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Hello and welcome to another episode of Monster of the Week. Thank you for listening! We've made it all the way to Season 06 and we're both extremely excited to be here. We're going to start with a feeling of dread and weirdness in Exile on Main Street, then get gross with a shifter baby in Two and a Half Men. Things don't feel quite right, and there's a mystery afoot, so listen along with us as we try to figure everything out.

That lovely singing you here at the beginning is our friend Audrey! She was on one of our feedback episodes, and has been a listener since the very start. Thanks for the song Audrey!

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