Episode 31

Soloflexing in the Girl’s Bathroom


July 27th, 2017

2 hrs 24 mins 50 secs

Season 4

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Welcome back friends! This week, Season 4 delivers the goods. We learn so many things about our boys: exactly what Sam has been doing with Ruby behind closed doors, what Dean will do to get his revenge on Alastair, and finally, what the brother would do if they had never met each other. Spoiler: it's hunt ghosts. This week's episodes are Death Takes a Holiday, On the Head of a Pin, and It's a Terrible Life. If you're reading this, you probably care a bit more about podcasts than your average listener-come-lately, so be sure to check out Chris' artwork for this week (and this entire season!). It's amazing.

Oh yeah, I hope you like more talk about werewolf sex. :/


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