Episode 229

Jensen Wear a Patch Challenge


May 13th, 2021

1 hr 15 mins 54 secs

Season 14

Your Hosts

About this Episode

It's S14E02 - Gods and Monsters, in which Castiel is the dorm-mom for a variety of Supernatural beings, and The Leftovers (team name for Bobby + Mary + Sam) track down Michael in hopes of freeing Dean from angelic possession. Also Jack is a good boy and the entier Nick thing is MISERABLE.


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Like that intro? The music was done by our friend bansheebeat, who has done all of our fancy intros over the last couple of years. Go check out his music!

The vocals are by Katie, aka NerdyNerdenstein, a wonderful singer that absolutely killed the vocals for this. If you like Katie's voice and also Destiel fanfic, keep an eye on her AO3 page for her podfics, where she records herself reading fanfic.

We also made an entire music video for it. It's awesome. Please watch.

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