Episode 228

Careless Hunters


May 6th, 2021

1 hr 40 mins 40 secs

Season 13

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Welcome back friends! This week we're starting up Season 14 and covering Stranger in a Strange Land, in which Sam has taken up a leadership position in the Bunker, Mary Winchester knows exactly what she wants, and Dean is still missing and possessed.

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Like that intro? The music was done by our friend bansheebeat, who has done all of our fancy intros over the last couple of years. Go check out his music!

The vocals are by Katie (aka NerdyNerdenstein), who is a great person in general and also absolutely killed this. Katie creates podfics on AO3, so if you've ever wanted to have someone read you Destiel fanfic while you go to sleep, that's the link to hit up.

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