Episode 15

Enemy Brothers


April 6th, 2017

1 hr 47 mins 7 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

We're back this week to answer the most important questions: is it ok to have sex with a werewolf? Will Chris defend Sam putting the moves on a werewolf? Find out in this week's episode, Enemy Brothers

First up we meet a fan favorite Trickster in "Tall Tales". Have you ever seen a football player slow dance with an alien? Well buddy, you're in for a TREAT. The second episode, "Roadkill", brings in the Cylons and has Sam get real emotional with a real ghost. Finally, we cover "Heart" and talk about our second sex scene in detail. Like, a lot of detail. So much detail that iTunes has requested we put a new explicit tag on this thing. Wow!

Thanks everyone for listening! We're getting to the end of S2, so you should get your question in for our upcoming feedback episode. You can DM us on Twitter, send us an email to monsteroftheweekcoolpodcast@gmail.com, or use our contact form at www.monsteroftheweek.cool/contact

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